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The factory for all Printer Spare parts. The "Factory to End-User" Business directly without third party, Making your office printers and sign making equipments working with lowest cost in this world.As the top printer spare parts Factory for all most popular printers in this world,We could help you to get the most reliable Materiales and Spare parts for office Printers for all the brand like Galaxy,Infiniti,Zhongye,Witcolor,Micolor,Gongzheng,Allwin,Myjet, Roland,Mutoh,Mimaki etc,LED Display Screens etc almost all of the products and services concerning Printers and Sign business from China. As a traditional exporter from 2006 in this business,the owner of have fully involved in this business based in China and exporting all the Spare parts,equipment and materials to all over the world.We have luckily offered our services and products to USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Chile, UAE, South-Africa, Nigeria, Poland, Ukraine etc.


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